How to Reset Windows Server Password without Data Loss

Forgot your Winodows Server administrator password? Find out how can you easily reset Windows Server password without data loss.

If you forgot the password to your Windows Server and don�t have a password reset disk, you can still reset the password. Here are four ways to do it, two of which don�t require you to reinstall Windows.

Method 1: Use Kon-Boot

Kon-Boot is a program that allows you to login to Windows without knowing the password. It works by temporarily modifying the Windows kernel so that it does not verify the password. This means that you can login without a password, but it also means that any changes you make will be reverted when you reboot.

To use Kon-Boot, you will need to create a bootable CD or USB drive. You can then boot from this drive and login without a password. Kon-Boot is a commercial program, but there is a trial version available.

Method 2: Use the Sticky Keys Trick

The sticky keys trick is a well known method for bypassing the Windows login screen. It works by pressing the Shift key 5 times, which brings up the accessibility options menu. From here, you can select the �Enable Sticky Keys� option, which will allow you to press the Shift key without having to hold it down.

Once sticky keys is enabled, you can press the following keys to login without a password:


This will bring up the command prompt, which you can use to change the password.


This will bring up the Task Manager, which you can use to launch the command prompt.

Method 3: Use the Utilman.exe Trick

The Utilman.exe trick is similar to the sticky keys trick, but it uses a different executable file. Utilman.exe is the utility manager, and it is used to launch the accessibility options menu.

To use this trick, you will need to rename Utilman.exe to something else, such as Utilman.bak. You can then copy and paste the following file in its place:

@echo off

net user %username% %password%

This file will automatically change the password of the account you are logged in as. You can then reboot and login with the new password.

Method 4: Use the Recovery Console

The recovery console is a tool that can be used to repair a Windows installation. It can also be used to change the password of a user account. To use the recovery console, you will need to boot from the Windows installation media.

Once the recovery console has loaded, you can use the following commands to change the password of a user account:

cd C:\windows\system32

net user %username% %password%

This will change the password of the account you are logged in as. You can then reboot and login with the new password.

Resetting the password of a Windows Server can be a difficult task, but it is possible to do it without losing any data. The best way to do it is to use Kon-Boot, which will allow you to login without a password. If you don�t have Kon-Boot, you can use the sticky keys trick or the Utilman.exe trick. You can also use the recovery console to change the password.