How to Crack Windows XP Password from A Live CD

Are you in a situation where you've lost password of Windows XP admin account? In this tutorial we'll show you how to crack Windows XP password from a Live CD.

Assuming that you have a live CD for Windows XP, the first thing you need to do is boot from the CD. Once you're at the boot screen, select the option to "boot from CD." At the next screen, you'll be given a list of options; choose the one that says "Recovery Console."

At the Recovery Console prompt, type the following command: "cd windows\system32\config." This will take you to the directory where the password file is located.

Next, type the command "copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe." This will copy the userinit.exe file, which is responsible for loading the user profile, to the wsaupdater.exe file.

Now, type the command "copy cmd.exe sethc.exe." This will copy the cmd.exe file, which is the Windows command prompt, to the sethc.exe file.

Finally, type the command "del wsaupdater.exe" and press Enter. This will delete the wsaupdater.exe file, which is no longer needed.

Reboot your computer and, when you see the login screen, press the Shift key five times. This will bring up the command prompt. At the command prompt, type the following command: "net user [username] [password]." This will change the password for the specified user account.

You can now close the command prompt and log in to Windows XP with the new password.